October 27, 2002

This Saturday was spent building the new staircase that matches the new

This is how it began to take shape.  As you can see, it's VERY sturdy
and well built.  When it comes to wood, Robbi really knows his stuff!
I as usual drove the Makita.  I can push harder than he can when driving
a 2.5 inch drywall screw through 2 2x4's. :)

The plywood on the back side is 1/2" CDX, held in place by 1.0 inch drywall

It's aliiiive!

The platform has become Stairzilla.  This thing weighs a frigging ton.
8 2" wheels support its considerable weight.  The top and stairs are 1"
OSB that we found in the "Free" bin at Home Depot.  Lucky us, eh?

The facing side is sheeted with 1/4" AC grade plywood.  When painted up
it's going to look spectacular.

Here's another pic just to give you an idea how it looks in the "big 
picture".  You can see Martha F'ing Stewart in the background.  Since this
has become such a beast, I decided it needed a name too.

I settled on Fred.  Why Fred?  Well, just look at him.  He's Fred, a stair.

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