May 22nd, 2002

Here's the first scratch built panel for the F-15.  The engine control 
lightplate came from Desktop Simulators. It was a surplus unit from a project
they'd previously done with F-15E part/task trainers.

The backplate was created from scratch.  Rob did a most excellent job in drilling the 
new mounting plate based upon the holes in the lightplate.

This is litterally our first effort on a production panel!  It turned out so
much better than I think either one of us expected.  This of course bodes quite
well for all other other panels in the aircraft. 

Here is a good comparison between the engine control panel in an active duty 
F-15C and the panel that we built.  I don't know about you, but I think
ours looks better! :)

When they become available, I'll be adding the "correct" switches to the panel.
The primary impetus at this point is the high cost of some of them.  Then
generator and DEEC switches can cost as much as $45 each.