April 13th, 2003

This is the newly rebuilt left panel leaf section.  This holds the arrestor
hook switch, the left and right flap indicators and the emergency landing gear

The only thing missing is the lightplate that surrounds the hook switch.  This
is in production right now.

The dual FLAP indicator that I'm using was custom built for me by Peter Cos
of Flightdeck Solutions.  The quality is amazing.

Flightdeck Solutions will be building all the custom panels I'll need to complete
the project.  Their Elite panel line is astonishing.

The radio call plate that's installed is a real plate, but it was installed
in a cockpit procedures trainer and doesn't reflect a real airframe serial number.  (It does now!)

Here you can see how it's great on one side and pure theatre on the other.
The most prominate feature is the emergency landing gear handle assembly.
The handle itself was still in the F-15 when I got it, so it's original hardware.
Instead of reconnecting the cable and building a switch housing in Bay 5, I 
decided to build a small switch bracket right at the handle.  I'm using a 
standard Normally Open microswitch for the job.  It works great!

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