April 23rd, 2003

I had the great fortune of finding an F-15 Master Caution Panel on eBay
last year.  This was quite fortunate since I'd resigned myself to having scratch
build the 37 indicator panel myself.

When I got it, I found out that the critical bit of wiring I needed was missing.
I'm talking about the 55 pin 4 key connector that mates to the back of the MCP.
No where in the piles of sutff that we removed from the jet was it found.

I wasn't that concerned since the MIL part number was readable on the barrel of
the connector body on the MCP.  I'd give an AMP distributor a ring and that would
be that.

Yeah.  Right.

I called my local distributor and asked for a price quote.

Sometime later, I regained conciousness with the feeling that I'd asked for the price
of a connector and had been given in turn, the price of Britney Spears' virginity.

Now any time a company even *thinks* their parts are worth Ms. Spears' virginity, 
I know it's either time to buy _all_ their parts, or tell them to See Figure 1 and
make the damn connector myself.

Being the cheap bastard that I am, I built my own.  Justin Timberlake is more than
welcome to help AMP shill thier connectors.  They're probably a lot less talkative 
anyway. *g*

The series of pictures below illustrate how I went about hooking up the MCP using
one 25 pin and one 15 pin D-shell connectors.

Strain relief is provided by using wire-tie tie-downs that use a strong double-stick

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