November 23rd, 2003

In order to bring power and other external connections to the simulator, we
needed to develop a method of attachment that would be flexible and easy to

Adding ports and sockets to the face of the simulator was impractical due to
the existing structure.  The face is made up of a 1/4" plate that supported
the hydraulics and mouting for the radar antenna.  It would be an utter 
nightmare to try to bore holes in that thing.

It was decided to build an extension to the front that we could then mount 
power and network cabling to.

Here's how it was implemented:

2x4 lumber was used to support the extension.  The lower half is a permanent

The upper half is where the panels will be mounted that will hold the power,
network and instructor station control connectors.

This is what it looks like assembled:

The white panels cover cutouts in the main panel.  There is still finish work
to be done to the wood, but you get the general idea of how it goes together.

Right now the only connections are for power.  The left panel will hold the 
cannon plugs for the instructor station.

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