May 23rd, 2002

After a lot of work restoring the damaged parts of the cockpit, it's finally time
to start wiring things up to the computer.  The first step was to get all the 
wiring connected that deals with analog devices.  This includes the pitch, 
roll and yaw controls, both throttles, the toe-brakes and the radar azimuth
knob on the throttle quadrant.  This takes up 8 of the 22 available analog
inputs on the EPIC expansion module.

Here you can see the first terminal board to be used.  This little one takes
care of the first 24 inputs, while a second handles the next set of 24.  The
double row and single row terminal blocks on the right side of the panel were
removed and put on the second small terminal board. 

Every thing is all nice and tucked away!  There is enough extra wire used to
allow the expansion interface panel to slide out for easy maintenance.  The
same goes for the larger wiring boards (not pictured here).

The little black box is the heart of the simulator, the EPIC board.  It connects
via a 37 pin cable to the expansion interface board.

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