Here you’ll find “official” technical documents regarding the F-15A thru D.

Eagle Talk

Eagle Talk is a multi-volume series that McDonnell Douglas published in the 70’s and 80’s. They’re essentially compendiums of previously published issues of the MCAIR Product Support Digest. For whatever reason, none of the original artwork from the PSDs were saved, so these compendiums are filled with photocopies of the material. In some cases you can even see where they’ve photographed a page that has holes for a 3 ring binder.

Because the photographs are so poor, I’ve had to process some of these as “color/grayscale” in order to preserve as much of the original as possible. This means that the file sizes are unusually large.

Volume II’s photos appear to consist entirely of nth generation photocopies and the quality is even worse than Volume I, which I didn’t think possible. As a result, 99% of the pages were processed as black & white in an effort to reduce the file size.

Volume IV was printed on glossy paper and of MUCH higher quality than the previous three volumes. For this reason, I treated the entire thing as color/grayscale and the results are very nice and clear. There is some page shine from the scanner’s lamp, but that’s due to the high gloss of the pages and the rather directional light source I have installed.

Eagle Talk Volume I – 100 Pages, 70MB

Eagle Talk Volume II – 218 Pages, 20MB

Eagle Talk Volume III – 190 Pages, 13MB

Eagle Talk Volume IV – 68 Pages, 52MB

Historical Documentation

F-15 Spin Workshop, May 20th, 1976

F-15 Radar Set PSP Computer Program Development Specification, 1980

F-15 Radar BIT Data (Built In Test), August 1980

Mishap Report for 80-0007

I was recently able to create a new scan of the full mishap report that was written after the accident that my F-15C was involved in. You can find it here.