This page contains links to in-depth construction information on each aspect of the simulator.

SubjectDate of Last Change
Throttle Quadrant reconstructionAugust 10th, 2001
Misc. and ILS/TCN PanelsMay 21st, 2002
Stick Force Sensor / Flight GripJanuary 19nd, 2002
Canopy ConstructionMay 21st, 2002
EPIC Installation BeginsMarch 27th, 2002
Construction of the first terminal boardMarch 27th, 2002
New Engine PanelMay 22nd, 2002
Ejection Seat ConstructionMay 22nd, 2002
Rudder Control InterfaceMay 23rd, 2002
New Wiring Part 1May 23rd, 2002
Multi Purpose Color Display Reconstruction and InstallationSeptember 15th, 2002
Replacement Throttle Interface MechanismJanuary 25th, 2003
3rd Generation Screen Materials & Location TestJanuary 25th, 2003
A Basic overview of available PhidgetsJanuary 26th, 2003
BIT Panel Rebuilt!April 13th, 2003
Left sub-panel rebuild.April 13th, 2003
Emergency Canopy Release HandleApril 13th, 2003
Master Caution Panel SetupApril 23rd, 2003
VSD RebuildAugust 10th, 2003
Real MPCD RebuildNovember 23rd, 2003
Simulator Fuselage AdditionNovember 23rd, 2003
Instructor StationJanuary 01, 2004
AC Power SystemJanuary 01, 2004
F-15 Instrumentation Resolution and Sampling Rates

September 9th 2013

ACES II Ejection Seat – Prior to restorationFebruary 9th, 2023