Miscellaneous Info

Please note that the information on this page really isn’t presented in
any particular order or fashion. It’s mostly a reference page for some of
the things that are currently in process. As such it may not make a whole
lot of sense to any of you.

First page of “misc” work: Misc. #1.

Page two of miscellaneous work: Misc. #2.

Here’s a nice collection of misc. F-15 or F-15 related pictures.

Misc. Images

Here are scans from the manual 1TO-F-15A-1 that we’re using to recreate the correct panels for the F-15C.
Please note that these images are over 1 megabyte each. They were scanned at 600dpi to capture all the detail.

I’ve updated these with versions that reflect a more modern version of the F-15C. Please be aware that these images are nearly 3 megabytes *each* so it may be better for modem users to avoid them.

The center console image was not changed as nothing has really changed with the forward instrument panel post MSIP II.
[Updated 25Sep04]

Left Console

Instrument Panel

Right Console

F-15E cockpit layout, front seat:
Left Console

Center Instrument Panel
Right Console

F-15E cockpit layout, rear seat:
Left Console
Center Panel
Right Console

F-15C/MSIP II SFS Box Pic #1
ACES II (F-16 version) ejection seat safety handle 1

ACES II (F-16 version) ejection seat safety handle 2
ACEs II (F-16 version) ejection seat safety handle 3

F-15 ACES II, side view
F-15 ACES II, front view

F-15, heavy maint 1
F-15, heavy maint 2
F-15, heavy maint 3
F-15, heavy maint 4

Engine control panel
Fire control panel
VSD bay
TEWS Display

F-15 ADI mechanical description
F-15 ADI connector pinout

Amusing bits…

Rope lighting, F-15 style!
Marv realizes why Real Men fly jets with two engines…
“I tell ya, this thumb is the newest thing in trim adjustment mechanisms…”
You think lawn gnomes are weird…

Simulator tools… & info…

Adding HIDEINFOTEXT=1 to the [MAIN] section of FS2002.CFG will prevent
any of the “red text” messages such as “PAUSE” from displaying.

Time synchronization tool for FS2K2.

Changing field of view settings in FS2K2…

Default is 1. These settings are in panel.cfg