So basically, my plans to live stream work on the cockpit fell victim to two things.

1. I was WAY too busy.  I’ve been pushing hard to finish improvements to a small “woodworking” shop that used to be a horse barn.  That process is about 85% complete, but still continues to consume both my available resources and time.

2. I’ve learned that I really (and I mean REALLY) suck at live streaming.  I tend to ramble and when I start concentrating on a task, I stop talking.  This is not conducive to an entertaining (or even interesting) live stream.

I’ve managed to get a little bit more work done on the APG-70(v) radar panel after leaving it to sit on the bench for nearly 2 years.  I’m in the process of building a DIY wire cutting machine and that will make the panel a lot less hassle to finish.

More (relatively) soon!



  1. Evan Reiter on 01.24.2018

    Hi Gene:

    My name is Evan; I work with an online aviation community called Boston Virtual ARTCC and manage a flight simulation conference called FlightSimExpo. The event is June 9-10 at Flamingo Las Vegas Resort. More info, and the flight simulation developers we’re working with, is available at http://www.flightsimexpo.com.

    We’re proud to be welcoming cockpit builders Tom Gauvin and Matt Ford to our event as speakers. They will join a lineup including air traffic controllers, airline pilots, flight dispatchers, and more.

    I just received an email from one of our attendees inquiring about you, and whether you might be interested in speaking or possibly attending the event. We’re looking at doing tours of Nellis before/after the conference, and are also welcoming exhibitors like MILVIZ, Lockheed Martin, and others to the conference.

    Please let me know the best way for us to connect to further discuss the event and how we can get you involved. You can reach me at evan@flightsimexpo.com, or toll-free at 1-833-4-FSEXPO.


  2. John Bright on 01.27.2018

    Hello Mr. Buckle,
    My names is John Bright, I am a retired Air force crew chief and crewed F-15C 78-0539 for several years at Kadena AB, Okinawa. I do CNC work as a hobby and future retirement business. I am making a desk for my home office that will have a solid surface top (Corian) and I am wanting to carve an F-15 cockpit into the top of the desk. I was wondering where you were able to get the left, right, and instrument panel drawings, they almost look like Tech Order pictures. I am trying find some sort of line drawing of those panels either paper or digital that I can import into a cad program. Could you tell me were your able to find your drawings? Thank you for you time, I know you are extremely busy.

    John Bright

  3. admin on 02.08.2018

    The drawings ARE from the TO. 😉

    Do you need better copies or??

    I love the idea of a v-carved sheet of Corian with those illustrations. It would look really cool if you wicked ink into the lines as well. 🙂

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