This update is going to bounce around a bit – I’m presenting the pictures in the order in which they were taken…

Here are the two SFS box shells right off the ShopBot:

Each one as mentioned before is made from four layers of 1/2″ Baltic Birch plywood.

Space cut out for the Nose Wheel Steering and Auto Pilot disconnect paddle:

The “real” SFS box is a one piece casting that includes a 2″ mounting post that fits into the stick base in the cockpit.  For this version, I had to turn my own post:

The post blank is a 4″ long section of 1.5″ diameter Delrin.  Delrin is a very easy to machine material and is quite strong.

After turning it down to 1.4375″, it’s time to see if it fits…

Insert Happy Dance Here. 🙂

I then cut it down to the 2″ length needed and then drilled & tapped it for 3 #10-24 screws.

…and just one more test fit…

One word.  Muahahahahahahaha!

The box sides came next.  The sides are .062″ aluminum and I’m using #8-32 brass inserts to allow me to use machine screws with the plywood.

The box to the right is the one that will be in the ‘109F/X.

On a completely unrelated note…

For the poor girl in danger of loosing her Chick License:

Enjoy! *laughs*

BTW, I do need to find a left-hand pitot tube.  This one is for the right side only. 🙂

Thanks for reading!


  1. Laura reynolds on 12.28.2009

    YAY!!!!! THANKS. even better than I had hoped,You`re good you……….BTW,that license is GONE,LONG gone…..Learned that after the 5-6th time someone standing in front of all my strange art said,and I quote…”That`s your art?” We thought a GUY did that!”….sigh. And now,I`m intrigued…Is the left probe significantly different,or just a reverse mirror image part? L.

  2. admin on 12.28.2009

    The left probe has a small twist that’s opposite of the right side – that’s why it’s called “aerodynamically compensated”


  3. Laura reynolds on 12.29.2009

    Well duh,on me….At least it looks the same at a distance!!! Hate repainting…….L.(god ,I misspelled pitot…)

  4. admin on 12.29.2009

    Well make sure you send me a pic of the painting when you’re done! 🙂


  5. Laura reynolds on 12.30.2009

    Share? maybe…….Depends on what your take on the whole sci Fi/fantasy genre is….I do serious,accurate, detailed art,just TWISTED,in an interesting way! OK I do have some serious art out there,but it ain`t the stuff that pays the bills….L.

  6. admin on 12.30.2009

    Sounds good to me. 🙂


  7. Laura reynolds on 12.31.2009

    Shame you don`t have avatar pics on these comments posts 😀 …..L.

  8. Laura Reynolds on 01.07.2010

    Oh,snap! Just discovered the OLD site….Will be reading my hiney off!!! “SHRIMP BOAT”?!!!!* SNORT*! BTW,Neat U tube vids… L.

  9. Laura reynolds on 02.02.2010

    Just want to mention in passing…I have sent at least 10 people to this site. they are as Gobsmaked as I am….Great stuff! L.

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