The trim pieces on the canopy are missing most of their screws.  The screws used are a reduced head, “hi-torque” coin-slot fastener.  Finding these things has been one hell of a chore.


Fortunately, the fine folks that hang out on the EAA forum were able to point me to Genuine Aircraft Hardware (http://www.gen-aircraft-hardware.com/).  The folks there were not not only able to help me, they had great prices too!  (Any time you hear maniacal laughter in the background, you know you’re at the right place!)

Next up is to make CAD drawings of the right side trim in order to fab a replacement for the left side that’s been damaged beyond repair…


  1. Andy Hoder on 12.19.2012

    I’m trying to build a static display as a desk set for a USAF F-15E pilot (Major), using an F-15 stick grip and throttle quadrant. Do you have any suggestions where I might locate these parts? They do not need to be functional, but would hopefully be reasonable intact.


  2. admin on 12.19.2012

    Let me get this straight. You want me to help you locate a set of extremely rare (and by “rare” I mean the kind of rare expressed as “personally witnessing a prostitute riding a unicorn through a ceremony celebrating the publicly verified resurrection of Christ, while space aliens, Cylons and honest politicians look on in awe”) set of flight controls with the express purpose of destroying those rare items, just to make a fancy pen holder?

    Frankly, I’d be slightly more willing to help you mount the severed head of a child on plaque so you could help celebrate some woman’s functioning uterus.

    See, F-15 components are a Class D Demilitarization item. Class D is described like this:
    “Total destruction of the item and components so as to preclude restoration or repair to a usable condition by melting, cutting, tearing, scratching, crushing, breaking, punching, neutralizing, etc. (As an alternate, burial or deep water dumping may be used when coordinated with the DoD Demilitarization Program Office.)”

    Any F-15 flight controls that are currently available were disposed of as surplus either through clerical error or after F-15 components were re-classified about 12 years or so ago. I would strongly recommend that you try to find a resin cast replica. Barring that and you still insist on locating and destroying very rare parts, don’t be surprised if the asking price for the throttle quadrant alone is north of $2000.00. I’ve seen _one_ F-15E flight grip go up for sale in 12 years of looking and since it’s the same grip as used in the Post-MSIP II F-15C, it’s in my possession and certainly not for sale. 🙂

  3. David Dixon on 12.28.2012


    I am in the process of upgrading the F15C cockpit model of a non commercial flight simulator, while I have managed to make the model using the foldouts from T.O. 1F-15A-1 I am really struggling in finding decent images of the cockpit instruments to texture my model.

    I am hoping you can maybe help out by providing pictures of your cockpits instruments?

    Best regards


    PS to the OP have you tried looking for a Suncom HOTAS in fairness they stopped making them about 12 years ago however, they do turn up on ebay from time to time


  4. admin on 12.28.2012

    Dave, what simulator are you working on?


  5. David Dixon on 12.28.2012

    BMS Gene albeit its roots are Falcon 4


  6. Matt on 01.09.2013

    Hey Gene you wife is going to hate me but I found an eBay seller with some surplus F15 stuff the seller is megasupersurplussales. Also found this interesting bit out on the web http://www.aviatortrader.com/ads/f15-usaf-jet-fighter-avionics-flight-control-stick-throttle-mcdonnell-douglas/

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