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That’s video of the airshow where the accident occurred that resulted in the cockpit section being snapped off the aircraft just aft of Bay 5.

I’ve probably linked to this video before, but I figured someone that had never seen it before might be interested.


  1. a.n. on 03.07.2014

    Did the pilot survive?

  2. admin on 03.07.2014

    He did. However, it’s my understanding that he was killed in a similar accident in an F-16 in the mid-80’s.

  3. Ariel Martin on 03.20.2014

    Strange accident, it was with landing gear down and making a normal low-pass. Engines were looking working properly. I don’t know, probably he was looking to perform an emergency landing. Astonishing footage!

  4. Jorn on 03.22.2014

    How did you get the cockpit? Where do you buy that stuff 🙂 i just wonder, i was there when the crash happened at Soesterberg AB

  5. Katherine Kuehler Walters on 04.12.2017

    Thank you for the information about the Shrimpboat. I’m fairly certain that my uncle was the pilot. A fire is visible in the video on Youtube.

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