Last Saturday I took some time do de-pin the cannon plug in preparation for rebuilding the CAS panel.  This weekend I finally got around to getting that panel rebuilt and wired into the left side console harness.

Here’s a few pics of the rebuilt panel assembly:



The CAS panel is interesting in that it’s got a pair of magnetically held toggle switches.  It’s essentially a relay that’s designed with a very heavy spring to keep it open unless the coil is holding it closed.  Here’s what one looks like:

mag-switch-1Fingertip for scale. 🙂

At some point I’ll post the little video I did that shows how the switch operates.

It turns out that I may have a pretty special CAS panel.  I noticed the manufacture date & serial number on the back of the edge-lit panel:


The date is November 5th, 1971 with a serial # of 2.  This makes me think that the panel may be from one of the original test articles that MD built, but I’m not sure.  I’ll update this post if I find out more information.



  1. Eric Ritter on 07.27.2016

    I am so glad that your are still active in building this pit! It has been an inspiration for me to attempt to build my own simpit for DCS World. Granted it will not be near as awesome as yours is and is going to be! I do have a question/request. Is there anyway that you could let me know how wide the Engine and the interior light panels are? It seems that the F-15 does not get the love that it deserves as much as the A10, F16 and F18 gets in reference to informatin. With what little info I have about military aircraft panels. The standared is 5.75 in wide. However; in the drawings/pictures I have for the F-15 the interior light panel is not as wide as the Engine panel. Unfortunately I do not have or can afford a CNC right now, so I plan on printing my panels and sandwiching the prints I created with GIMP. I would be greatful if you could send me those measurements. If I had just those two. I think all other panel mesuments would make sense. Thanks for reading and hope to hear from you soon, Eric

  2. admin on 07.27.2016

    Eric, the narrower panels are 4.75″ wide.

  3. Eric Ritter on 07.27.2016

    Awesome! Thank you sir. Cant wait to see more updates

  4. Eric Ritter on 07.29.2016

    Hey Gene, Hope all is well with you today. I have been following your work for quiet sometime now and am in awe of your work! I hope you do not mind that I ask a couple more questions. If there is a better avenue when asking questions. Please point me in that direction. Because I don’t want to high jack your forum. My first question pertains to the oxygen regulator panel. I am having a difficult time in trying to figure out what type of switches that are used on said panel. Would you happen to know the proper name or brand of this switches? It appears that they are a type of toggle, but for the life of me I cant find any information about them. My second and final question has to do with the measurement of the HUD. Would you happen to know the width between the 2 upright forks that holds the glass? I use 3 42″ flat screen displays and if I had that measurement. I would know how much to zoom in or out to get a more realistic feel. I cant thank you enough for allowing me to ask these questions. Again, if there is a better place to ask occasional questions. Please point me in that direction. Thanks again, Eric

  5. admin on 07.29.2016

    Eric, the oxygen panel is kind of a special critter. Those “switches” that you’re referring to are actually levers that operate valve gates.

    The HUD combiner glass frames are roughly 6″ apart.

  6. Eric Ritter on 07.29.2016

    Thanks Gene, Welp looks like I have some fabricating to do. Which i am guessing will be much cheaper than trying to find and then buy the real parts. The platform that I am flying the F15 in (DCS World) does not support most of the controls in the cockpit, but with a little wiring and the right software. I think I can make most of my panels functional. Or at least in my mind and on paper I can. Wish me luck and thanks again.

  7. Eric Ritter on 08.17.2016

    Hello again Gene, Got a question for ya. Do you ever sell any of the spare/non working items that you may have? I am especially interested in old knobs and locking toggle switches. I dont nessasarly need full sets of knobs because I mold and pour my own and use expoxy. The locking toggles that I have seen online sofar are quiet expensive and require a purchase of a certain amount. Sometimes up into 20 or 30 at a time. That is if they will sell to an individual instead of a military contractor. The toggles dont even have to be operational in some cases due to DCS not supportg some of the console functions. This is my first pit build so I am learning as I go and getting ideas from sim build sites. Yours being the most involved and realistic. Right now. Most of my realism will be visual only. That is. Until I get more educated on computer code programing and such. On another note……I did snag me a nice deal on eBay for some toggle switch guards. Exactly like the ones on the Engine start panel. Well I have rambled on long enough. I look forward to your answer. You can answer here or PM me on facebook. Thanks Eric

  8. admin on 08.17.2016

    I don’t ever sell spare parts – I never know if I’ll need them. 🙂 That being said, locking switches are pretty standard and can be robbed out of surplus panels that show up on eBay.

  9. Eric Ritter on 08.17.2016

    I tottaly understand. I will try ebay

  10. Eric Ritter on 11.07.2016

    Hey Gene, Happy 7th November! Just one more day and then no more political adds! I am having a bit of difficulty in obtaining some mesuments and I hope you can help. I wish you were in North Carolina. I would ask if I drive over and take some pictures and mesuments. Ok to get right to it. I am looking for the distance from the right front fire wall to the oxygen panel. It looks kind of like maybe 3 or so inches? I am also wondering about the ECM panel. I know it is 5.75in wide, but my width that I have seems to be a weee bit small. I bought some micro push buttons and there is no way they will fit. I dont think I can find any smaller than that. So I am thinking my measurement is off. I swear. I wish I had fascination for the F16 of F18 instead. There just seems to be way more pictures and mesuments for those platforms than the F15! I dont det it. The F15 is a beast and so iconic. Anyway if you could be so gracious in helping me out. As always. I will be very greatful.

    Thanks, Eric

  11. Eric Ritter on 11.07.2016

    I ment to say height not width on the ECM Panel.

  12. Bogeypit on 02.13.2017

    I think I have a illuminated panel from F-15. It has VOL | MISC | RAD text on the right side. I also have a CABIN TEMP CONTR panel + box (without the rotary and pot). Let me know if you guys are interested. I’m building a F-18 simpit so I can’t use these.

  13. JB on 02.14.2017

    Hey Gene!

    Is this the same as the MPCD you fab’d?:

    Do you think this tube could be used in your project?

  14. JB on 02.14.2017

    P.S. At $25 bucks I bought it… didn’t want someone else to grab it. E-mail me if you want it or I’ll put it back on e-bay.


  15. admin on 02.15.2017

    Got pics? 🙂

  16. admin on 02.15.2017

    That might be for an F-15E. It’s got stores buttons across the top though – the -1 I’ve got for the F-15E doesn’t show that on the panel illustrations though. I don’t have a use for it, but thanks for offering!

  17. JB on 02.18.2017

    No worries!

    Can’t wait to rip it apart and see how the tube is driven.

    And your right the NSN comes back to the strike eagle.

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