Well after dithering about how to “correctly” solve the issue with the NOS initiator handles in my ACES II seat, I finally got off the dime and removed about 10mm of material from the front of the handle well.

We’ve got clearance, Clarence!

With that done, I was able to re-install the spring mechanism that connects the handle to the torque bar. The torque bar spans the seat width and connects the two handles together.

Spring mechanism.

There’s two things left to do right now – I need a spring compressor in order to collapse the spring enough that I can install the retaining pin at the top end of the guide rod. I’ve also got a temporary fastener installed on the bracket attached to the torque rod. That has to be replaced with the original 10-32 bolt. Once that’s done, I can repair the other side!

The Other Side.

Next steps will include dumping the spring into rust remover and getting the latching/guide mechanism that’s under the seat pan cleaned up and re-installed. I’ll be posting a video about this soon.


  1. Jeff Olson on 07.06.2024

    I believe many years ago our paths crossed at Simulator Training Inc. in Seatac Washington. I think you came and got some old training devices to fix up.

    I am glad you took pictures of those old simulators. The pages can still be found and I just showed a young kid at work some of the pictures you took.

    I will work in simulation is the area, just a much larger company now.

    Best of luck on this project.


  2. admin on 07.06.2024

    Yep, that was me! I ran into the 737 CPT that STI had while visiting a museum in Anchorage, AK around 2015 or so. It was neat seeing that again. Sadly, Boeing/Alteon bought & destroyed both the 737-200 and 727-100 flight simulators. 🙁

    I’ve got another (very part-time) simulator project living here: http://www.atc-810.org – check it out if you get a chance.

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