After having a discussion with a fellow simpits-tech list member, it was discovered that the Wikipedia link that discussed the loss of 80-0007 was a) lacking a citation and b) had a minor error.  The page can be found here.

Since I have a copy of the “releasable” portion of the accident report, I decided to scan a few pages in order to provide the Wikipedia article a citation.

Here’s the scan:


I’ve recently obtained a new set of boards for my 16 channel power driver board – this will allow me to drive the incandescent bulbs that are in the master caution and BIT panels without having to re-lamp them with VERY spendy LED equivalents.  I’ll get an update about that with more detail posted soon!



  1. Rick on 07.15.2011

    Glad to see you’re still at this mate. I’m very envious of you. Can’t wait until you’ve got it finished. Keep the updates coming.

  2. Michael E. Stockton on 02.01.2012

    Does anyone know who builds F-15 front and back seat cockpits?

  3. admin on 02.02.2012

    As far as I know, only Boeing does. L3 _might_.
    BTW, I’ve been lusting after your BugEye displays for years. 🙂

    If you haven’t seen it yet, check out http://www.diy-cockpits.org/collhttp://www.youtube.com/f15sim has more video of it as well.


  4. Aaron Montoya on 01.13.2013

    80-007 “Balls 7”, I was there and watched it go into the deck. Aircraft had recently been delivered to Bitburg AB in Germany the 36th TFW and if I remember correctly the aircraft had only 26 hours logged at the time the pilot wrecked it. The pilot went on as a “Demo” rated pilot and lost his life a few years later performing a demonstration as well. Months after the accident I had often “Cann’d” parts out of the cockpit, so surprised to see you have it.
    I was based at Camp New Amsterdam with the 32nd TFS for a number of years.

  5. admin on 01.16.2013

    Thanks for the info Aaron! I knew about the “Shrimp Boat” moniker, but not “Balls 7″… Funny stuff. 🙂


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